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Rules for the 2020 United FC Ultimate Cup

Registration: There will be mail in registration to 24404 Catherine Industrial Suite 310, Novi, MI 4875, as well as email option to ppa.soccer.mgt@gmail.com. Teams are required to have one copy of their official roster, passcard for each player, medical release forms, liability form, risk management cards for coaches and managers, and if applicable, guest player rosters and pass card, and permission to travel for out-of-state and foreign teams, as well as, concussion certificates for coaches and parent and athlete concussion information sheet for each player attending tournament.
Tournament website will have instructions on what documents are required under forms tab.


An original state approved roster from current seasonal year, 2020 must be presented at registration for verification purposes. A copy of the roster shall be provided to the tournament directors’ designee at registration. No player may be on the roster or play for more than one team during the tournament. Rosters must be US Club no mixed rosters are permitted.

A maximum of 5 guest players (from outside a team’s club) are allowed per team at MSYSA sanctioned tournaments. Additionally, an unlimited number of club passcard players are allowed per team provided that at least 50% of the players appearing on a tournament roster also appear on a team’s league roster. “Club” means an organization providing soccer to youth players that is either a direct member of MSYSA or that registers players with MSYSA through an affiliated member. At no time shall an affiliated member who functions as a “scheduling league” also be considered a “club”. In the case where a club sets up one or more satellite clubs in the state, those satellite clubs may only be considered part of the main club for the purposes of the United FC Ultimate Cup if all the following criteria are met: 1. The main club and satellite club have the same Board of Directors 2. The main club and satellite club have the same Tax ID number 3. The main club and satellite club are in the same MSYSA District as determined by the MSYSA Board of Directors.

Referee Assignor and Game Officials:
Tournament uses a 2020 USSF certified assignor and all referee assigning is done through Game Officials. Furthermore, out-of-area referee will need to show photo proof to verify identity.


In accordance with US Soccer’s recommendation on specific rule changes to heading, will eliminate heading for players
age 10 and under.
• All players age 11 and younger, regardless of what age group they play in, may not head the ball.
• All players in the U11 age group or younger may not head the ball.
• A header by these players shall result in an indirect free kick awarded to the opponent at the spot of the infraction. If the header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick shall be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred.

All coaches must confirm they have their CDC Heads-Up Concussion Certification and be able to provide proof if re- quested. All non-MSYSA coaches must confirm they have their CDC Heads-Up Concussion certificate or the NFHS Concussion in Sports certificate and be able to provide proof if requested. All teams must confirm they have the Michigan Department of Community Health/CDC Parent and Athlete Concussion Information Sheet for each player attending the tournament and be able to provide proof if requested (see tournament liability waiver).

If during the course of a game a player is witnessed to have an open sore or wound, the referee will require the player to leave the field. As in the case of an injury, the player can be substituted. The opposing team, if desired, may substitute (one for one). The referee will determine the player's status for return only after complete clean up (including uniform) has been accomplished.

All players on a team must wear similar jerseys and each jersey must be numbered distinctively, with no number being Repeated. Referee may request that a goal keeper change jersey color if it is deemed too similar to away team’s jersey
Teams are required to bring alternate jerseys. Where teams have the same color jerseys, the team listed first in the game schedule will be designated as the home team and will be required to change jersey to avoid a conflict. All players must wear shin guards when playing in a match. Stockings/socks must be worn in the pulled up position covering the shin pads or guards and shirts/jerseys must be tucked into the shorts.
All players on the field are required to have a number clearly visible on their jersey; the number must match that stated on the Tournament Roster. The home team will provide the Game Ball.
Hard cast and soft case will be allowed upon approval of referee and/or tournament committee.


Birth Year Division Format Game Length Roster Max Ball
2011 U9 Boys + Girls 7v7 50 minutes 13 4
2010 U10 Boys + Girls 7v7 50 minutes 13 4
2009 U11 Boys + Girls 9v9 60 minutes 16 4
2008 U12 Boys + Girls 9v9 60 minutes 16 4
2007 U13 Boys + Girl 11v11 60 minutes 22 5
2006 U14 Boys + Girls 11v11 60 minutes 22 5
2005 U15 Boys 11v11 60 minutes 22 5
2004 U16 Boys 11v11 60 minutes 22 5

7v7: Provisions

Offside - The build out line will also be used to denote where offside offenses can be called. Players cannot be penalized for an offside offense between the two build out lines on the field. Players can be penalized for an offside offense between the build out line and goal line.
Placement of the Build out Line - The build out line shall be placed equal distant between the top of the penalty line (not the top of the arc that is attached to penalty line) and the halfway line of the field.
Build Out Line The build out line promotes playing the ball out of the back in a less pressured setting. When the goalkeeper has the ball in hand in the run of play (from opponent) or from a goal kick, the opposing team must move behind the build out line. The retreated team can resume normal play once the ball crosses the penalty area line.
Free Kicks - Both Direct and Indirect kicks per FIFA Laws of the game.
Goal Kick - Restarts are started with the ball on the ground placed inside the 6 yard box. (no more GK picking up the ball and restarting with ball in hand).
No punting or drop kicks from goalie


All teams are guaranteed 3 games, with exception of 5 team divisions.

Divisions with 5 teams: Four matches will be guaranteed in a round robin format. The champion and runner up will be determined by the point system.

Three (3) Points will be awarded for a win One (1) point will be awarded for a tie Zero (0) points will be awarded for a loss


1. Head to Head (skip if more than two teams are tied)
a. If three way tie, then head to head is thrown out completely
b. In a three way tie, once a team is advanced it will not revert back to head to head.
2. Net score- Goals scored less goals allowed (max. 4 per game)
3. Least goals against.
4. Most goals scored (max. 4 per game)
5. Penalty kicks. 5 per team, alternating. If tied after 5 each, 1 per team will be selected until the tie is broken. (The penalty shooters can be anyone who is dressed to play and rostered, only applies to tie breaker).
6. All Division winners are set, and then the wildcard process takes place.
7. OVERTIME – FIFA’s rules specify that if overtime periods are used, overtime periods must be played to completion. “Golden goal” and “Silver goal” are no longer allowed.

The Selection of a Wild Card Team, if required, shall be determined by:
1. Non-group winner with the most total points.
2. Non group winner with the most wins.
3. Winner of the game, if applicable, played between the tied teams.
4. Goal differential- max 4 per game .
5. Fewer total goals allowed.
6. Penalty kicks. If both teams advance, the tournament committee will decide the opponents at the next level of play.

7. Wildcard teams may be changed if the two teams played each other in preliminary rounds.
Game Clock: Due to the time allowed for completion of all games the clock runs continuously.

Substitutions can be made with the permission of the referee only at the following times and under the following conditions:
• After a goal is scored, either team may sub
• Prior to restarting the game with a goal kick by either team, either team may sub
• On a throw-in either team may sub, as long as the possession team is making a substitution.
• At half time, either team may substitute. Referee notification is only required for a Goalkeeper substitution at this time.
• When play is stopped for an injured player, only the injured player may be substituted.
• For a player who has just received a yellow card, but only if the game has not been restarted. Substitution Age Limits:
• If the age group is U15 and under, free substitution is allowed.
• If the age group is U16 and older, free substitution is allowed providing the
tournament is not an official completion (but a friendly club tournament) and the age category does not include matches between national teams of CONCACAF member countries. IF it does include national teams, then up to six substitutions are allowed.

The score of a forfeited game shall be recorded as 4-0 in favor of the team not forfeiting, if; 1) the game has not commenced, or 2) the game has commenced and the non-forfeiting team has less than a 2-goal lead at the time of cessation. If the non-forfeiting team has a 4 goal, or more than a 3 goal lead, at the time of cessation, the score shall stand.

Any team more than ten minutes late for the schedule start of a game shall forfeit. The tournament directors; however, reserve the right to extend the 10 minute grace period if extraordinary conditions exist. Failure to complete a match or a team leaving the field during play may also result in forfeiture at the discretion of the Director. In no case will a team, which has forfeited a game, be declared a group winner or wild card.

A minimum of seven players constitutes a team. A ten (10) minute grace period will be extended beyond the kickoff time before a forfeit will be declared. The Tournament Directors will make the final decision if a forfeit shall be allowed depending upon extenuating circumstances that may have prevented a team from making the game on time. If a forfeit is determined, the winning team shall be awarded a score of 4-0 and will receive the points for that score.

All teams withdrawing from the tournament after registering will forfeit a $50 non-refundable application fee. Teams withdrawing after their acceptance shall forfeit 100% of their registration fee.

• A player that is sent off (RED CARD) for persistent infringement of the Laws Of the Game after receiving a caution will have to sit out the next game.
• A Player/Coach/Assistant Coach/Manager, etc. that is sent off (RED CARD) for serious foul or violent conduct, or foul or abusive language will have to sit out the remainder of the game and one tournament game after the game that resulted in
the infraction.
• The Tournament is in agreement with the USYSA Tournament Hosting agreement, which states:
• The issuance of all red or yellow cards and other matters involving the conduct of a team, its players, coaches or supporters will be recorded by
our organization and that this information shall be reported immediately to the home State Association, Provincial and/or National Association for out of country teams and home club or league.
• The field marshal will pull the passcard and wristband of the effected Player/Coach/Assistant/Manager and turn it in at tournament
headquarters. Coaches may pick up the passcard after the required number of games has been sat out.
• Spectators, Parents, Fans are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Inference or disruption to a game WILL NOT be tolerated. Conduct such
as dissent, threats, taunting, instruction to injure or foul or u



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